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Kathy and Vic's Family Photos
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Vic's Family Memories

Here are some of Vic's family photos we think you'll like...


Here you see Whitey and Victor Niemer after they built the deck on the back of the Pleasant Street house in just 5 weekends in 1986 -- 15 years later, Victor wears that same T-Shirt, although it's a bit the worse for wear!

The early years of the Niemer Family

Rita and Frank Niemer, wedding day, 1948

Rita and Frank Niemer's wedding photo, 1948

Vic, Santa and Louise, 1955

Victor,Santa and Louise, Christmas, 1955

Christmas, 1956

Louise,Victor and Santa, 1956

The Niemer children with Charlie

Victor, Tina, Louise and Charlie

Victor's 3rd birthday

Donna, Victor, Louise and Linda on Victor's Third Birthday

Christmas, 1961

Tina, Santa and Victor, Christmas, 1961

Vic and Alan

Victor and Alan Sefakis, lifelong friends


Frank "Whitey" Niemer with Alan Sefakis in front of Niemer's Grocery


Vic with baby sister, Tina and Dad

Victor A. Niemer

Victor A. Niemer

Victor A. Niemer

Victor with glasses


Alan Sefakis

Alan Sefakis

The Niemer Grocery store building

Another view of the Niemer Grocery store building

Victor was raised in Crescent Springs and Ludlow, Kentucky where his father, Whitey was well-known and ran the local grocery store. Many of the black and white photos of the store and Alan were taken by Victor.