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Kathy and Vic's Family Photos
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Our Hobbies and Fun Times

Kathy's Hobbies and Interests

On this page, you can see some of our achievements -- culinary, and others!


One of my crowning achievements is my cat quilt. I pieced this by hand (it took THREE YEARS of hard work) and while the pattern is not exclusive (Grandmother's Flower Garden), my concept of using material printed with cats for the centers of each cluster and embroidering the names of cats I know on each, surrounding the peach ones with green prints and the green ones with peach prints is certainly mine alone. And be sure to note the hanger... Victor designed these hangers and had my brother, Jeff build them for me as part of my Christmas present in 2000 -- after several years of having no place to display this quilt or the one my great-grandmother made, I now have them proudly on display in our bedroom.

My home made banana bread, with chocolate chips and walnuts... fresh from the oven!

Home made banana walnut bread with chocolate chips.

Click this picture to see a sample of some of my favorite wildflower pictures!

I'm also starting to get into photography, focusing on wildflower closeups. [CLICK THE TIGER LILLY TO GO TO A SAMPLE OF MY WILDFLOWER PICURES!]


I do a lot of counted-cross stitch embroidery. This is a section from the baby blanket I've been working on for my new granddaughter, Samantha Nicole Flynn (born 7/14/01)

My home made cherry cheesecake

I love to bake and cook - here's my "famous" cherry cheesecake. [Click on the picture to get to the recipe for this cheesecake.]

Victor's Hobbies and Interests

Vic builds models -- here's his Robbie the Robot, just completed, September, 2001. He puts a great amount of detail into them!

Robbie the Robot -- Vic's newest model

CLICK HERE or click the picture above to see Victor's Robbie the Robot model in its new location at Boardwalk Hobby Shop!


Vic is a big NASCAR fan, so getting to actually ride in a race car was a total thrill!


Vic completes his models with meticulous care for details. Here are two identical robot arms, at two different stages. The first has been sanded and painted with primer so that the seams do not show. The second has merely been glued. When every piece of a model is assembled with this level of skill and detail, the finished results are outstanding.


Some of Vic's detailed models.


Vic's Starship Excelsior... as it would look after a long space battle -- complete with "space dirt!"