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Kathy and Vic's Family Photos
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Jeff Fry's family

My brother, Jeff Fry's Family Page

Jeff and Mother, Jeff's Graduation

Jeff and Mother, 1973, Jeff's Graduation


Jeff in the doorway to the dining room of the Fry log home

Jeff and Mona in the old house, Halloween, 1980

Jeff & Mona Fry, Halloween, 1980 (that beard was NOT a costume!)


4 Generations of Fry Men -- Jeffrey Wayne, Jeff, Allen H. Fry and Allen A. Fry


Jeff and Mona (Feb. 2000)


Jeff and Mona at one of Jimmy's birthday parties, probably 1987 or 1988


Mona, Christmas at my apartment, 1978 or 1979

Jenn, Mona and baby Woody, Christmas at Kathy's condo (1988)

Jennifer, Mona and baby Woody, at Kathy's condo, Christmas Eve, 1988


Jeff, Jennifer, Mona and Jeffrey Wayne, Easter, 1989 -- in Allen and Lucille Fry's kitchen.


Jeffrey Wayne Fry, approximately age 11. Jeffrey has always been a great kid of whom the whole family is very proud!


Jeffrey Wayne with his cousin, Adam Baer, at Carolina Temple Apartments, probably 1990.

Jeff, Mona, Jeffrey Wayne and Jennifer

The Fry Family, Jeff, Mona, Jennifer and Jeffrey Wayne, at the Langford Family Reunion in Somerset, Ky. in 1982

Jeffrey Wayne and Jimmy Flynn, Halloween, 1980

Jeffrey Wayne Fry and Jimmy Flynn, Halloween, 1980

Jeff, Jeffrey Wayne and Grandpa Fry

Jeff, Jeffrey Wayne and Grandpa Fry, Christmas, about 1980 (from a very bad Polaroid)

Jeffrey Wayne Fry, 3rd Birthday, 1980

Jeffrey Wayne Fry, 3rd birthday, 1980


Jennifer Sarah Fry, at Allen and Lucille Fry's house, approximately age 6


Jennifer Sarah Fry at her 6th birthday -- Laurie Nelson in the background

family photo

Jennifer Sarah Fry on the pier at Wrightsville Beach, 1991

My brother, Jeff Fry and his wife, Mona live in a beautiful log home they built themselves in Miamiville, Ohio. The whole family looks forward to Christmas there every year.