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Kathy and Vic's Family Photos
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Around the House

Sometimes those off-the-cuff moments can be the most precious.

On this page we'll include some of our favorite pictures of us and our house and us just enjoying ourselves: working around our house, playing in the pool, or just cutting up for the camera.

We live here!

This is the front of our condo on Independence Drive

The Pines Condo Courtyard, covered in snow

Courtyard of the Pines Condos

This was the first summer we were together...

Here we are at the pool our first summer together!

Vic, relaxing by the pool, July, 2001

Here's Vic, relaxing by the pool, Summer of 2001

Kathy at the pool, summer, 2001

Kathy at the Pines Condo Pool, Summer, 2001

Our Computer Room

Our computer room

With a lot of help from our friends, we got hundreds of CDs (dead ones from CD burners, outdated software, old AOL CDs, etc.) and Vic stuck them to the walls. He added some old computer components and chips for variety and put a counter top anchored by file cabinets along the one wall for desk space. He then added track lighting, ran cable TV and a stereo. We spend MOST of our time here!

Our computer room -- wall of special photos

Here are our special pictures and certificates... pictures of our parents when they were young, our wedding picture with my lovely niece Jennifer who happened to be Milford Prom Queen the same night as our wedding (what an event THAT was!) and other special things (our marriage certificate, Vic's "Adoption Certificate" for the cats, etc.) and my son, Jim's graduation photo... all the stuff that makes a family.

Baby Patches helps Vic compute!

Baby Patches helps Vic compute! How could we work without our friendly kitties?


Here we are in our dining room with Victor, Jr. and Sara after the Niemer lasagna dinner. We both feel strongly that family dinners with our children are very important to us all. There's just something about having the whole family gathered around the table and the kids jabbering away that warms our hearts.