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Kathy and Vic's Family Photos
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Our Wedding

May 20, 2000 - Miamiville, Ohio


We were married in Miamiville, Ohio on May 20, 2000 -- it was a lovely wedding!

Kathleen and Victor Niemer

Our Wedding Party

Mona Fry, Dorene Stall, Kathy Niemer and Diane

Ramona Fry (sister-in-law of the bride) in lavender, Dorene Stall (friend of the bride and Maid of Honor) in deep purple, Kathleen Niemer (bride) and Diane, (sister of the bride) in lavender


Allen H. Fry and Lucille Fry (parents of the bride), Kathleen Niemer, Victor Niemer and Rita Niemer (mother of the groom)


Alan Sefakis (best man) and Victor A. Niemer, Sr., (the groom). Victor and Alan have been friends since they were seven years old!


Anita Grau (the minister who married us) chats with Victor before the ceremony while our friend, Arnold Little looks on.

Victor Niemer, Jr. and Laymon Lovell

Victor A. Niemer, Jr. (son of the groom) and Laymon Lovell (friend of the groom).

Allen H. Fry and Kathleen A. Flynn (soon to be Niemer)

Allen H. Fry (father of the bride) escorts his daughter, Kathleen A. Flynn.

Ramona Fry

Ramona Fry is the sister-in-law (and close friend) of the bride. She looked lovely in her lavender gown.


Diane is the sister of the bride, she also looked lovely in her lavender gown with her hand-tied purple lizianthus bouquet!


Dorene Stall, Maid of Honor, friend of the bride in deep purple with hand-tied lavender lizianthus bouquet

Max Ingram

Max Ingram (nephew of the groom), ring bearer. Savannah Nicole Schooley, one of the flower girls shown also.

Savannah and Anastasia

Flower girls, Savannah Nicole Schooley and Anastasia Crase, granddaughters of the groom - note the detail on their dresses, we were really happy with how well these little dresses matched Diane and Mona's dresses.


Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Niemer, Sr.



Wedding party:
Mona Fry, Diane, Dorene Stall, Kathleen Niemer, Victor Niemer, Sr., Savannah Nicole Schooley, Anastasia Crase, Alan Sefakis, Max Tyler Ingram, Victor Niemer, Jr., Laymon Lovell, James Allen Flynn